Mueller Planetarium
A Starry Tale

"A Starry Tale" is presented Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m.
There are no showings on UNL Nebraska home football game Saturdays.

Running time of "A Starry Tale" is 24 minutes.

(All prices include Museum Admission)
Adults (19 yrs and over): $10.00, Children (5-18 yrs) $6.00
Young Children (4 and under) $3.00
Friends of the Museum Adults (with Membership Card): $2.50
Friends of the Museum Children: $2.00
Faculty, Staff and Students of UNL (with valid UNL ID): $4.00
AAM/ASTC Members(with member card): $4.00
Employees of Nebraska museums (with staff ID): $4.00
Tickets are sold at the front desk of the Museum

Presentation of A Starry Tale at Mueller Planetarium is made possible by the Friends of the University of Nebraska State Museum
What message do you receive when you see the constellations today?

The stars have carried messages for thousands of years and have been handed down generation after generation.
An eternal story of gods and humans has begun.

Explore the constellations and movement of the sun, moon and planets against them. An associated story from Greek myths is provided with beautiful CG including the tale of Astraea, the goddess of justice, who is closely related to the constellation Libra.

Over 6000 years ago, the ancient Mesopotamians connected stars to one another, imagining the shapes of animals and people. They learned seasons, time and direction from observing the motion of the stars. This culture spread to ancient Greece. At that time, the Greeks worshiped deities which included the Twelve Olympians. Mixing the constellations, astronomical knowledge and the religious faith, the Greek myths were born.

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